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For men or women, whatever your reason, our team of professional stylists will be there to get you on track. We’ll break out our tape measure, conduct a full diagnosis of the situation, and use a blend of art and science to build a wardrobe that reflects who you are and how you live—now.

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Shop with Unfoldid! Meet your professional Stylist at your select location and shop the best stores, pieces, and hidden treasures.

Your shopping session begins with a consultation to analyze your style, shopping needs and goals, define your silhouette, and discuss your budget.

Next, hit the stores with your Unfoldid Stylist as they handpick the perfect pieces for you! Whether its a few items for the new season or a look for a special event, we help you find it while learning about current trends, and how to shop smart for quality pieces and fun finds, to create the ultimate look.
Do you have a special event coming up? A new job, party or special date? Let us take the stress out of finding and deciphering the appropriate style wear.

Our Unfoldid Stylists consult with you on the event, the social etiquette involved and your comfort level with dressing up, so that you look and feel great making your entrance!

Work together with your Unfoldid Stylist to:
  • Shop and find just the right dress, suit or outfit for your special occasion.
  • Create an event-perfect outfit from pieces you already own.
  • Add the finishing touches by finding the best shoes, purses, accessories and outerwear to complement your outfit.
Do you have some great clothes and accessories, but still can't figure out what to wear or how to style them? We can help! With a little creativity, your current closet can be transformed into a wardrobe of stylish outfits.

Our Unfoldid Stylists analyze your current items, from favorites to basics, to:
  • Explore fashionable new ways to wear and pair items you already own.
  • Maximize your wardrobe by creating outfits that are easily transitional from day to night wear.
  • Learn how to use seasonal items to keep you looking stylish and on trend.
  • Demonstrate how to update and express your style through simple accessories.
  • Recommend a "smart purchases" shopping list of items that will add impact to your current wardrobe.
Let us help you plan the perfect party for friends & family, favorite charity or business. We provide personalized planning to help you create the event that works for you!

Unfoldid can help you plan:
  • Shopping Outings: Boutique hop, on your favorite shopping street with special discounts, presentations and light bites. We will even plan your transportation in style.
  • Host a Girls Night-In: Our stylists will create a specialized presentation to fit your needs and level of fun! Receive an individual style consult for each guest and Style Presentations on trends, silhouette, accessories even fun style games.
  • Private Parties.
  • Personalized events and presentations for your business, club, group or favorite charity.
  • Corporate presentations, fashion show production, photo shoot styling and custom events.
Contact us to set up a consultation and let us bring your vision to life!
Do you have a closet full of clothes that you never wear, unsure of how to style or whether you should keep them? Let us help you refine your wardrobe!

Work together with your Unfoldid Stylist to:
  • Ensure your wardrobe contains the Top 20 essentials you need for any outfit.
  • Uncover habits that may be holding you back, such as buying the wrong cuts for your silhouette or garments for your lifestyle.
  • Learn which clothes to have tailored and which to give away.
  • Develop a comprehensive shopping list for adding to and updating your look.
  • Learn to plan smart purchases so you will continue to love and wear everything in your closet.


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