Have you ever heard of the term ‘decision fatigue’? Whether or not you have, chances are you are experiencing it day-to-day without even realizing it! To simplify, decision fatigue refers to eliminating choices and variety when getting dressed, by wearing the same thing or something similar such as color, cuts, and styles everyday.

While this lifestyle choice may work for some of us, others struggle because they aren’t confident when dressing themselves. This can be due to the fact the that the clothing purchases or choices we are making aren’t even right for our lifestyle and silhouette to begin with! Below our Stylists are sharing 4 simple styling tips to help you avoid decision fatigue without compromising your personal style and wardrobe.

1Less is More

Not sure where or how to start tackling a closet full of clothes that you never wear, are unsure of how to style or whether you should keep them? Let us help you refine your wardrobe! As you analyze each piece, ask yourself these 7 following questions:

1. Does it fit?
If yes, does it fit in a way that follows the rules for your body type?
If no, can it be tailored?
2. Is it worn out or poor quality?
Does it have pilling, a hole or stain, faded areas, frayed edges, bad seams or sagging drape?
3. Is it out-dated? (e.g. bad vintage, sad 80’s, a collar that will never be back in)
4. Do you wear it regularly?
If you haven’t worn it for a year, it may be the wrong fit or you have too many of the same item.
Keep it only if it is a special occasion item.
5. Do you feel awkward or self-conscious wearing it?
If so, it probably does not fit your Style Personality and you will never feel good in it!
6. Is it literally uncomfortable?
If it tugs or itches and can’t be fixed, let it go.
7. Is the color and pattern right for you?
If it is out of proportion with your frame or does not flatter your coloring, let it go.

If you answered a firm “no” to any of the above questions while assessing your wardrobe, it’s time to decide whether to consign, donate, repair or toss the item.


Top 20 Essentials

Unfoldid’s top 20 list outlines the basic foundation pieces you need in your wardrobe for everyday or any occasion. You won’t have to worry about shopping last minute for an event or occasion, you’ll have the essential pieces for any outfit in your wardrobe.


Create Snapshots

Capture your perfect looks! Whenever you love an outfit you’ve pieced together for any occasion, take a photo. With organized looks, you’ll spend virtually no time, energy, or thought on which outfit to wear next!

1-4Shopping Smart, Smart Purchases

Once you learn and understand how to best dress for your silhouette, you are on your way to shopping smarter! Your purchases will reflect your awareness of the styles and shapes that fit and are flattering for your body type. This will ultimately limit unnecessary spending, by avoiding certain clothing items that don’t work for you. 

Knowing the difference between trends and fads may make you think twice when making new purchases. A fad usually rises and fall in popularity quickly whereas a trend gets stronger over time and sticks around. Instead, select items that can be worn in a variety of ways that will expand your wardrobe over time.

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