When summer comes to a close, we’re officially ready for all the top trends that you’ll be seeing throughout fall 2019.

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Belted Outerwear

For fall, blazers and outerwear are taking a step toward femininity with more shape-defining silhouettes. If you don’t want to invest in a piece with a built-in belt, simply add your own over toppers that you already own!

193031032_1309Belted Trench Cape

193031009_7349Piped Trench Coat

193031206_alt1Quilted Belted Coat

Renaissance Pieces

This season romantic renaissance looks are next level with higher necklines and more Victorian-era inspired patterns. Pair with your favorite denim for both your newest and easiest go-to look.

193075002_alt1Lace Poet Sleeve Top

38a978_d73dfbdc4f6949c58e44b41ec7ada0ae~mv2Textured Shift Sheer Sleeve Dress

193121453_1009Poet Sleeve Sweater

38a978_7e15b677cf1445efbe90cb22b446c9e5~mv2_d_2304_3456_s_2Front Ruffle Shirt


193036285_8562Fit & Flare Dress

38a978_d984229117524771b2192eb4181b9147~mv2_d_2304_3456_s_2Printed Pant

Which trend is your favorite for fall?