As we wave goodbye to 2018, we’re searching for new ways to modernize our wardrobes with updated styles for the new year. 2018 was full of all sorts of interesting and surprising trends. However, not all of last year’s fashion fads need to accompany us into 2019. So, here’s a look back on some of 2018’s most popular looks that we are happy to let go of and what to replace them with for 2019!

 Tiny Sunnies


The tiny sunglasses trend that we saw all throughout summer and early fall of 2018 was a fun throwback to the ’90s. These delicate lenses were head-turning in funky shapes and colors. Recently, sporty and athleausire styles have been rising in popularity. This cool style is transition to sunnies with the sporty visor style.


Skinny Jeans


While skinny jeans will always be a staple piece in all wardrobes, we are happy to let loose. Skinny jeans can be restricting and uncomfortable. Bootcut and flare denim are coming back in style, along with girlfriend and boyfriend fit styles.



Dad Sneakers


This niche style stuck around for a little while, but the ‘dad’ designer sneakers are not the only shoe that will give you that sporty look at half the cost!  Stylish trainers are sleeker taking you from a morning gym class to brunch with the girls.


Which trends are you happy to see left behind in 2018?

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