The tortoise shell print has been a common effect on eye wear frames for decades. Recently, this popular print has expanded across the fashion plane. We’re now seeing it pop up on our accessories from jewelry and hair ties, to handbags and clothing for fall. Keep reading to learn where to shop some of our stylists favorite looks, and learn how to style!

The key to styling the tortoise shell “print”, is to not think of it as a print at all! Use it as a neutral palette or base to your look. The most common color combo is brown and black, is can be wore with any other print as it is just a fun added accessory to your look.

570223300_1880_largeTextured Suiting Jacket

iipsrv.fcgi-2High Waist Tortoise Button Pants

cn15299771Tokyo Tortoise Hoop Earrings

0008_00768358_0437_f001Linear Tortoiseshell Earrings

iipsrv.fcgi-4Circle and Bar Pendant Necklace

0506_8298_900_fTortoise Clubmaster Sunglasses

cn15228645Tokyo Tortoise Hair Tie

E3938_BR0910Tortoise Hair Clip

We’ve started to see this classic look come in a variety of colors for fall as well. Don’t be afraid to play with color, such as red and purple, green or blue and black,¬† and white and brown.

cn12218547Square Sunglasses

iipsrv.fcgi-5Circle and Bar Pendant Necklace

You can also make this print the statement of your look. Especially to bring in some dimension or sophistication an otherwise casual or basic look.

1341_7716_286_fRibbed Henley Sweater w/ Tortoise Buttons

K1541_BR6836Skinny Tortoise Belt


Will you be wearing this trend for fall?


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