Warmer weather is finally here! While you are starting to pack away all those winter clothes, kick off Spring cleaning now. It can be hard letting go of pieces that once were exciting purchases, or those “hey, you never know when you’ll need it” moments, which seem to never happen.

As the space in your closet fails to expand with your ever growing wardrobe, it’s time to assess which items still fit, in terms of size, style and function. The key is expand your wardrobe with the pieces you already have. If you are equipped with the essentials, there is no need to buy a new piece for every event or occasion that could come up.

When assessing your wardrobe, it’s time to decide whether to consign, donate, repair or toss the item. Not sure where or how to start tackling a closet full of clothes that you never wear, unsure of how to style or whether you should keep them? Let us help you refine your wardrobe!

Unfoldid Closet Editing Package

Work together with your Unfoldid Stylist to:

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Ensure your wardrobe contains the Top 20 essentials you need for any outfit!

Unfoldid’s top 20 list outlines the basic foundation pieces you need in your wardrobe for everyday or any occasion. You won’t have to worry about shopping last minute for event or occasion, you’ll have the essential pieces for any outfit in your wardrobe.


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Uncover habits that may be holding you back, such as buying the wrong cuts for your silhouette or garments for your lifestyle

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Learn which clothes to have tailored and which to donate or consign


Book an early spring cleaning Closet Editing or Style ID appointment online today, to receive your Top 20 Essentials list & Full Silhouette ID just in time for spring and summer!

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