Although we may just be getting into the start of winter, the fashion world has been preparing its collections for Spring/Summer 2019. The color trends forecasted during the New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week runway shows, took inspirations from nature itself.

The mindset for Spring/Summer 2019 reflects vibrant tones and inspires confidence. This season’s report features a list of the top 12 stand out colors to expect for men’s and women’s fashion for spring/summer 2019.

Bold Orange

This warm tone brings energy and passion, with quite a bit of sexy. It is a festive approachable orange-red.Untitled design-3

Wine Red

This rich deepened red with cooler undertones, adds a smooth elegance professional air.Untitled design-2


This warm spice color for spring/summer 2019 has the sun in mind.Untitled design


Coral is a lively and animated color, with a golden undertone to soften its bright edge.Untitled design-4


When you think of spring, pink generally comes to mind. We can’t get enough of this attention grabbing fun pink, season after season!

Untitled design-5


It might not be as bright as some of the others favored for spring 2019, but it works perfectly as an accent color, adds flavor to any outfit.
Untitled design-6


A very popular color among many top celebrities lately, this color is a happy one, with warmth and is simply cheerful.

Untitled design-7

Royal Blue

This deep blue radiates royalty. It flatters most body types, while allowing one to channel their inner Meghan Markle. With this, you can feel like you walk those palace halls without all the shackles of nobility.

Untitled design-8

This brown is a chocolatey, coffee combination which is warm strong and rich for spring. It can be worn with white and black for a subtle power move.

Untitled design-9


This yellow-orange joins gold on the list. Stars like Beyoncé have been spotted in this gorgeous color. We are loving it!

Untitled design-10


A deeper version of pepper, incorporates sophistication to any look.

Untitled design-11

Baby-Doll Pink

More on the gentle side, this powdery pink will add a charming softness to your spring look.

Untitled design-12
Which of these predicted spring/summer 2019 colors is your favorite?

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