No matter how cold the New England weather gets, with the right styling, we believe that you can still wear skirts and dresses through winter! Paired with cozy sweaters, warm coats, and amazing footwear, there are so many ways to wear a skirt in the winter without completely freezing. Keep reading for 4 helpful tips from our stylists, on what to keep in mind when styling your favorite skirts for winter.

  1. Choose skirts that are lined or made with thick and warm materials like wool, leather, denim and heavy cotton.
  2. Give fleece lined tights a shot!
  3. Knee-high boots provide the most protection from the cold, and look great at the same time!
  4. for shorter skirts, add a long coat to cover up any exposed legs.




Oversized Sweater






Expand your winter wardrobe with a these great styling tips!

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