When appropriate and acceptable in your workplace, don’t be afraid to wear bold colors or prints to the office. There are so many ways to add color, especially for summer, into your wardrobe. The easiest way to inject these hues into your look is with your outerwear, pants, or accessories. 


Outerwear is the easiest way to add color to any look. It’s a piece that’s easy to take off if needed.




Whether you are wearing pants or a skirt, a great color will definitely bring a summer vibe. For those ladies with a V-Silhouette that don’t like to draw attention towards your broader shoulders, a colored bottom is a flattering choice.




If you don’t often wear or aren’t confident in bolder colors and prints, start small with a fun top. Keep the rest of your look simple and no-fuss.



If you are still unsure about incorporating color into your wardrobe or your workplace isn’t the right time to experiment, try adding color with a great shoe, jewelry or a handbag.

Will you try adding color into your office wardrobe?

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